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Tightening Your Belt Like An Artist:
Making DIY a Lifestyle


I feel weird about writing this. It seems like a piece on pinching pennies is warranted. Economic inflation is coming in to tighten the screws on everyone. But... It's kind of like I am making a list of the few luxuries people have left in this world, and suggesting you make work out of them.
I am not writing this to insist that the suffering find discipline. I am writing this for those who are trying to make more out of less in uncertain times... 


...It adds up quick. This is money I can not buy cat coats with. My cat deserves the finest.


Cat in White Jaguar Faux Fur Coat
  • 5 min read

The Evolution of Fur:

A Brief History Of Fur and Faux Fur Garments


Preherstoric Fur


            When I think of “furs”, like when that word is used to mean finished garments, I tend to think of the luxury furs of the 1920's-60's. I think silver screen glamour, and award shows. Not much before or after that period. I know fur has had an integral part in our evolution and survival, but I tend to associate it with pageantry more than conquering the elements...

  • 9 min read

 Selecting Versatile Winter Essentials


I like coats and dresses to the point of being a hoarder. If I find a coat that is interesting in any way I will take it home, so believe me when I say you probably don't need a cheetah print coat, especially when a cheetah print scarf can bring the same Carole Baskin flair with much less hassle.


  • 4 min read

We are living in a crazy world.  Aside from the fact that we’ve entered into our peak season (as you can tell from the lack of recent blog posts), it seems that we as a society are becoming aware of the impact we can have on the world and what others could be doing better.  A long quarantine can give you time to reflect...

Minks in Fur Farm Cages

-Mink are seen at the farm of Henrik Nordgaard Hansen and Ann-Mona Kulsoe Larsen near Naestved, Denmark on Nov. 6, 2020.Mads Claus Rasmussen / Ritzau Scanpix via Reuters file
  • 3 min read


Fall is here!

 While thinking about how fast this summer has flown by and disappeared, it’s also time to think about fall/winter fashion tendencies.  Actually, it is exactly the right time to start thinking about it (if not a little late), because before getting out there and starting shopping, we need to take some time to do a little research. 

  • 2 min read

Your creativity is your largest resource!

 So, if your budget does not meet it with a similar capacity that’s totally OK.  Fashion is something that circles around in time and that means something new is often something old. Old is easy to find in many places –grandma’s closet, thrift stores, flea markets. Another good thing about fashion trends is that they tend to stay around long enough to let you discover exciting pieces when they end up in outlet stores.

  • 2 min read

Just half a year ago even the most talented designers wouldn’t be able to predict that the main accessory of 2020, through who knows when, would become a face mask. Covering half of the face was not in anybody’s plans. The accessory that gives you so much discomfort – not showing your lips anymore, not being able to wear lipstick, not to mention how unpleasant it is to breathe. Part of me wonders if face masks will significantly affect lipstick sales...

  • 2 min read

Emotions always tell the truth…

They say there are four basic personality colors in human psychology: orange, blue, green, and gold. As I was reading about all the characteristics of each color, I concluded that I am a little bit of all of them. I know many people would feel the same way. We should not expect accuracy from the science that studies human’s most complicated organ, it is not mathematics, it’s psychology...


Prints by Zenka's Art
  • 2 min read

  Imagine if there was no more internet showoff platforms. I wonder how it would affect fashion sales. Most fashion girls don’t even go out that much. They don’t have to: it’s the era of snapping a selfie...

  • 2 min read

Today’s blog will be a little sad. Damage is so high that who knows when we will see the full recovery. Somehow every single person’s topic of conversation suddenly became the Corona virus. Everyone’s an expert on pandemics now. You can find multiple on your social media pages. And no wonder all your friends are extremely competent on this, all they’ve been reading about is...

We have to realize that we’re in charge of creating more jobs. Some things just do not improve without the contribution of the masses…   

  • 2 min read

Fashion struggled during Covid-19 times, along with many other industries. So did fashion shoppers that consider shopping as a form of legitimate therapy. I myself am very much in need of that therapy, at least one session a week, with an ending that includes my very satisfied face and a couple of sizable shopping bags in hand. Something fresh and new is always exciting and there for, most of the time my whole wardrobe starts spinning around those couple new items a week...

  • 3 min read

Fashion unites people…
...Recent events have been very inspiring for me as a fashion lover and blogger. By wandering around streets of Seattle my mind started wondering about the impact of events of 2020 in global fashion. 

  • 2 min read