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What color is your personality? - Natia M.

Prints by Zenka's Art

Amazing Prints by 'Zenka's Art' Match Any Mood


Emotions always tell the truth…


They say there are four basic personality colors in human psychology: orange, blue, green, and gold. As I was reading about all the characteristics of each color, I concluded that I am a little bit of all of them. I know many people would feel the same way. We should not expect accuracy from the science that studies human’s most complicated organ, it is not mathematics, it’s psychology.


This encouraged me to write about my own vision of personality colors, to be more specific fashion color palettes. Hoping that it won’t become a subject of judgment, I have my own four palettes: Sharp, Pastel, Dark, and Neutral.


According to my own wardrobe it was not hard to figure out my color palette. Turns out I am sharp and loud like fuchsia. I think fuchsia is an interesting color; it lets you debate whether it’s more pink or purple. The fact that it is a little questionable, I think defines me even better. So, it is final: I am fuchsia Sharp… which also gave me the idea of coming up with a scale from one to ten. I think I would be Sharp-8.


We have three more girls in Pandemonium's office, they are all quite different. Jenn is definitely Pastel and the other two are Dark. Leigh would be Dark-8 and Christine would be Dark-7.


Pastel and Neutral lovers are probably more careful about where to sit down. Sidewalks and meadows could leave traces on their outfits. On the other hand, Sharps and Darks must be freer. It got me wondering if our taste in colors can change our lifestyle. Darks and Sharps go ahead and lean on every wall and Pastels and Neutrals mostly hesitate. It’s almost like the first two are living a more comfortable life.


The good thing is…we all have denim. No matter the color palette, we are all united by denim. Jeans give us the comfort of having freedom, especially because they go with all sorts of colors and tones out there. Jeans are like flags, like a constitution, like an anthem. They are must have in every wardrobe. As long as we all have jeans, we will all get along just fine.


- Natia Makatsaria

- Prints by Zenka's Art

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