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Cloche Hats - Ana Hats in solid velvet Citrine will put you in that pumpkin spice kind of mood.

Kimono Dusters -A new spin on a classic favorite, these faux fur dusters are a real show stopper.

The Millinery -However you top it, a great hat can change your spirit more than just your look.

Men's Scarves - The Motley Scarf is the perfect mix for any occasion. You may need to share.

Beanie Hats - No Muss, No Fuss! Easy to match and reversible hats are a great wardrobe addition.

Ready, Set, Go! Coordinating sets make pulling your look together a breeze without the chill.

Don’t let your budget stop you - Natia M.

Don’t let your budget stop you


Your creativity is your largest resource!

So, if your budget does not meet it with a similar capacity that’s totally OK. Fashion is something that circles around in time and that means something new is often something old. Old is easy to find in many places –grandma’s closet, thrift stores, flea markets. Another good thing about fashion trends is that they tend to stay around long enough to let you discover exciting pieces when they end up in outlet stores.


Let’s assemble a couple of outfits together…

Bucket Hats are trending right now. We can match them with a pair of pants that you could wear tucked in your shoes, throw on a men’s plaid or tartan blazer, and maybe top it off with a massive belt and now you’re trendy.


And for the next day:

Find yourself a top with oversized Victorian sleeves (floral fabric preferably), a maxi skirt, and make sure your boots are chunky. This is a sleek, yet bold, statement that will stick around.


And for the day after that…

You could put on some sharp color tights, a floral midi dress, and match your shoes to your outfit with high heels, which should be sharp, but not necessarily repeating color of your stilettos.


A couple decades ago, in order to get familiar with new market tendencies we were forced to buy magazines. I remember having to move to a new home was so much harder with all those heavy magazines that had piled up into mountains. When you are young and don’t have any, or very little, furniture, trying to make relocation relatively easy, it’s like a burden that you willingly collected through the years. In our time, when we can access any information in seconds, we can figure out what we like and hit the outlet stores. I have to say, in my opinion, the best looks out there don’t include big screaming brands that cost thousands in the beginning and then end up on the floor in the outlets. First, they are hanging a few inches apart in a fancy illuminated space, treated with great respect, and in a few months, they are squeezed in with thousands of other markdowns with the holes in their shoulders that often appear from cheap plastic hangers.

To sum up my point, I will repeat the phrase that I began with, “Your creativity is your biggest resource.” and the budget has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t look fashionable. The fashion industry let you get trendy, it’s just your mood that didn’t…


- Natia Makatsaria

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