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If The World Changed - Natia M.

These days you have to be the model, photographer, stylist, promoter...


Imagine if there was no more internet showoff platforms. I wonder how it would affect fashion sales. Most fashion girls don’t even go out that much. They don’t have to: it’s the era of snapping a selfie in front of your bedroom or bathroom mirror and posting it on social media. This action is way more than the equivalent of going out. Only celebrities get to shine on multiple pictures and magazines by just leaving their houses. Regular mortals who end up as a regular pedestrian on the streets, they probably get way more viewers on their social media profiles. Who needs to go out? you can stay in, hide from Corona, and still shine for public. All your nice outfits will stay fresh, they won’t ever need any dry cleaning or ironing. They will be safe in the closet, only yoga pants will get worn out. Yoga pants and fake eyelashes because that is what most young ladies are wearing these days.

But what if something happened to social media platforms. As the boycott against Facebook and Instagram began, so many big companies suspended their advertisements and M. Z. lost a lot of money. What if he lost so much, that they were forced to shut down…?


What then?


I wonder how soon after other platforms would become big enough for a takeover. Fashion companies have been depending on social media too much. Advertisers, influencers, not to mention all the profiles with a huge number of followers (apparently at least 30% of which are fake). It takes so much work and funds to maintain those likes and engagements in order to keep it consistent and organic looking.

Within only a decade the fashion world has changed tremendously. I remember the stories of great discoveries of new models. How they were spotted by some fashion photographers or agents while they were wandering in the streets. Social media changed the industry significantly. Now is the time when even big companies would rather use models and influencers with an already built social media following. The more work you put into your own page, the better the chance to get spotted by the fashion world.

I guess we just must be ready. Ready for changes because the World is changing too fast. Who knows what the post-Corona era will be like? Turns out B.C. (before Corona or Covid-19) was too comfortable and we all took it for granted. We are doing the same thing with social media – we are taking it for granted.

To sum up - fashion lovers of the world, be ready! There’s a new era coming and no one knows how much fashion will it involve…


- Natia Makatsaria

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