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Shopping With A Little Research - Natia M.

Ethical shopping can take a lot out of you.


Fall is here!

While thinking about how fast this summer has flown by and disappeared, it‚Äôs also time to think about fall/winter fashion tendencies. Actually, it is exactly the right time to start thinking about it (if not a little late), because before getting out there and starting shopping, we need to take some time to do a little research. In our time we are enough informed to care about fashion sustainability, value of locally made products, overall quality, and many other things that never end, appearing and landing on our shoulders as an additional burden. While I would enjoy only very stylish shoulder pads on my shoulders, my consciousness, probably along with lots of other contemporary fashion lover‚Äôs, asks me a lot of questions. The main questions of course are ‚Äď where did it come from and Who Made It?

It is easier to track down locally made products, get familiar with the creator, and find out who their suppliers are. Unfortunately, most likely, the garment you will end up buying will be sewn in America and not entirely made in America. The regulations about labeling right are strict enough they can probably be trusted. There are enough textile companies in America too and it’s probably possible to go entirely with made in USA. Well…there could be a buckle or a zipper that has come from somewhere else. I admit, it is hard, but what is easy?!

In our current era, dressing up is a form of self-expression as opposed to in past, when people would dress up to prove their status, underline their wealth, and establish their place in society. Our outfits say a lot more about us. About how much we care!

So, how much does Pandemonium care?

Expression through fashion is not just visual, it goes way deeper. One of a human beings most profound and basic instincts is compassion. In our time, we’re so well informed and can not ignore the fact that our garments have gone a long way before reaching our closets. It’s very likely that they have seen some injustice: unethical labor, planet pollution, animal sacrifice, and so on. All of this is extremely sad and unfair. All of this is just to cover our bodies with a pretty piece of fabric with a label on it. It is not just the label we should blame, it’s ourselves, the consumers that should care.

So, in this unusual year, let’s think about how to give back some of our privilege. Let’s think more about local brands, sustainability, a fair life for employees, the quality of these garments, and so much more. We are contemporary shoppers; we love fashion and should be able to enjoy it with clear consciousness.

- Natia Makatsaria

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