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Take Another Look At Your Wardrobe - Natia M.



In Natia's wardrobe you need your DESIGNER sunglasses!

Fashion struggled during Covid-19 times, along with many other industries. So did fashion shoppers that consider shopping as a form of legitimate therapy. I myself am very much in need of that therapy, at least one session a week, with an ending that includes my very satisfied face and a couple of sizable shopping bags in hand. Something fresh and new is always exciting and there for, most of the time my whole wardrobe starts spinning around those couple new items a week.

Unfortunately, I gave older pieces of fashion less and less of a chance. I kept forgetting about the ones that were so exciting before. Some of them were so special to me that I’d waited a long time for them to go on sale (even a little). I’ve tracked them down on some European websites, sometimes not even been sure that they were a reliable source. I have trusted those websites with my credit card information and have lost the ability to sleep peacefully for at least a couple of those nights to follow.

This era of Covid-19 has changed my attitude very much. I do like online shopping, but as I mentioned, I consider going out to stores and coming back with bags in my hand a therapy. I am a person who needs to feel the material, try the garment on, take a long glance in a mirror. I like to come out of a dressing room and take another look in a bigger mirror in the hallway of the dressing rooms…the one with the wings that lets you adjust and see your back as well.

So, these few months I took a forced break from my therapy and took another long look at my existing wardrobe.

Turns out it’s very interesting. I have considered myself a collector of nice fashion pieces for very long time. My Red “Escada” pants from nineteen ninety something still looked perfect and fresh. No wonder, I’ve only worn them once or twice. My special edition “Louis Vuitton” purse seemed so lonely on it’s top shelf and my “Saint Laurent” blazer, from the time of Hedy Slimane, still looks so stylish.

Long story short, it felt like a day at the museum of fashion in my own wardrobe. Not because my wardrobe is extra special, but because fashion is a great opportunity to own authentic creations of some of the biggest artists on the planet. Sometimes I feel like some of them are not even from this world, as they are so extraordinary, that have changed fashion with their revolutionary ideas and views. I should also mention that, in my opinion, everyone should take good care of those great pieces. Who knows where they end up eventually: in the hands of your daughter or maybe even a further generation? Maybe on some used fashion websites where people with less of a budget will be able to afford the greatest creations of the best talents out there. Take another look and take good care of those special residents of your wardrobe. Help sustainability, let these pieces live longer, because most of them were made by artists who’s names are immortal.

- Natia Makatsaria

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July 13, 2020

I am a mixed shopper. I love going to small boutiques and finding something unique. I also go online to find unique items that I cannot find here in my own state. That is how I have been doing my shopping during these times of Covid. At the same, it is difficult too because I want to support the local shops because they are struggling. The struggle is real!

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