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Joplin Extra Cozy Robe Style Coat

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Men's Face Masks

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Custom Made Hats and Clothing Specializing in Faux Fur Winter Apparel and Accessories

Ginger Cat wrapped in Faux for Throw in Palladium Tissavel
Ginger Cat wrapped in Faux for Throw in Palladium Tissavel

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Customer Testimonials

Jessica - 

High quality beautiful pieces my customers love...just ordered my 3rd order. Keep up the great work.


Beverly A Ann Paine - 

I LOVE your scarves. They are beautifully made and so chic and comfortable. It's just the right finishing accessory. Thank you for a beautiful product!




I love this scarf. It's super soft to the touch, even after I've washed it. I've had acrylic faux furs before and the fibers are almost sharp from being so rigid. Nice print. 

Will be filling my closet this Christmas :)


 Margritta - 

My hat, scarf and both pillow shams are amazingingly beautiful and feel sinfully indulgent.

Thank you for enriching my life with such amazing products. This replaces my desire for the warmth and beauty of real fur. I am happy to remain a continuing customer and will recommend your business to others, (as long as they don’t look better than me in your stuff!). Good luck and best wishes to you in your business.

Tightening Your Belt Like An Artist:
Making DIY a Lifestyle


I feel weird about writing this. It seems like a piece on pinching pennies is warranted. Economic inflation is coming in to tighten the screws on everyone. But... It's kind of like I am making a list of the few luxuries people have left in this world, and suggesting you make work out of them.
I am not writing this to insist that the suffering find discipline. I am writing this for those who are trying to make more out of less in uncertain times... 


...It adds up quick. This is money I can not buy cat coats with. My cat deserves the finest.


Cat in White Jaguar Faux Fur Coat

The Evolution of Fur:

A Brief History Of Fur and Faux Fur Garments


Preherstoric Fur


            When I think of “furs”, like when that word is used to mean finished garments, I tend to think of the luxury furs of the 1920's-60's. I think silver screen glamour, and award shows. Not much before or after that period. I know fur has had an integral part in our evolution and survival, but I tend to associate it with pageantry more than conquering the elements...

 Selecting Versatile Winter Essentials


I like coats and dresses to the point of being a hoarder. If I find a coat that is interesting in any way I will take it home, so believe me when I say you probably don't need a cheetah print coat, especially when a cheetah print scarf can bring the same Carole Baskin flair with much less hassle.