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Fashion unites people…

You may be against the idea of something that might have happened a long or short while ago, but when a trend is born from a fashion designer that was inspired by that event, you will still wear it because it’s fashion. You easily put on the costume of a monster for Halloween because, you know, it’s Halloween. Same excuse works with fashion because you know… it is fashion, it is art.

Recent events have been very inspiring for me as a fashion lover and blogger. By wandering around the streets of Seattle my mind started wondering about the impact of events of 2020 in global fashion. I have been debating myself whether it’s going to be a year of fashion inspired by changes of lifestyle by COVID-19 or a year of Rioter’s fashion. Interestingly both ideas match each other perfectly. Face Masks on rioters, what could work better? While rioters are doing their best to improve laws, fashion designers probably are sitting at their desks and sketching. Most likely, 2020’s fashion is going to be radically different from 1920’s fashion. Although there is something that unites these two twenties: 1920’s woman’s clothing centered around revolutionary freedom in fashion. Free, loose passing dresses took over Victorian ideals and standards. 1920’s fashion was revolutionary then and is revolutionary now. It was about bringing more comfort to women’s style in this last century’s 20’s and it’s about keeping each other healthy now. I don’t think fashion trends have ever been inspired by health before, so this century’s 20’s can easily be considered revolutionary as well. I can almost already predict a lot of leather, long and loose T-shirts, casual denim, metal buckles, heavy boots and of course face masks in upcoming fashion shows and covers of magazines. Those big-name designers are so talented, that when they put inspiration into ideas and create collections, they will be great. These fashion crowds, despite political views, regardless if they defend the law, break the law or riot to adjust the law, will spend lots of money on them and love to wear the fashion. What are your ideas of rioter’s fashion? Is it more biker leather style or hipster street style? Or maybe it’s sporty with the sweatpants and hoody. Please comment with your ideas. The industry must go on because life does too…

- Natia Makatsaria