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Neck Warmer - Fox Faux Fur

Staying warm in the cold is of paramount importance, and one of the places that needs protection from the cold temperatures and the blowing winds is your neck. A lot of heat escapes your body from your neck if it’s not properly covered, and while scarves can serve a useful purpose, they often lack a bit of flair and warmth. Over the years, too many people have been forced to choose function over form when it comes to neck warmth, but fortunately, those days are ending with new innovations. One of those innovations that’s leading the way in today’s marketplace is the Fox Faux Fur neck warmer brought to you by Pandemonium Hats. Our neck warmers will not only keep you warm, but they’ll add to your overall look and style for the day in a tasteful, eye-catching way.

Our Fox Faux Fur neck warmers are handmade in the United States, and their dimensions are 28.5 inches around the fullest portion of the width and 10 inches in height. That provides the right size for protection without becoming too cumbersome. They are made of 100% polyester faux fur, providing you with stability and durability to go along with this lovely look. You can also choose from any of the colors below:

Handmade in Seattle, WA USA of imported fabrics.

• Silver Tipped Fox in Black, Brown, or Blue Steel
• Berry Foxy
• Foxy Beach
• Pearl Fox
• Arctic Fox
• Red Fox

Given their affordable price, you can add more than one and never have to worry about matching your outfit. Not to mention, you won’t even have to dry clean them if you so choose. Go ahead and add a couple of these items today and never worry about the cold – or looking great in it – again.

How We Give Back

We at Pandemonium believe in providing a living wage to have our products handmade in the USA. We have a small staff that we are able to provide full benefits to by sharing any profits we make. We support the ethical use of faux fur as opposed to real fur so animals don't have to be farmed. We recently sponsored a beautiful, burgundy fox 'Pandemonium' who is a fur farm rescue being cared for by Florida Fox Rescue. During this Covid Pandemic, we worked with local hospitals to produce over 70,000 masks for those in need of PPE. We are always looking to help ease the Pandemonium in the world. We believe that everyone could benefit from the comfort of faux fur, be it due to a current lack of comfort and security, a need for a soft, tactile sensory experience, or a love of animals.