Grosgrain Band - Rosettes

Grosgrain - Black
Grosgrain - Gray
Grosgrain - Rain
Grosgrain - Sky Blue
Grosgrain - Cornflower
Grosgrain - Navy Blue
Grosgrain - Mauve
Grosgrain - Dusk
Grosgrain - Forest Green
Grosgrain - Avocado
Grosgrain - Chocolate
Grosgrain - Burgundy
Grosgrain - Rust
Grosgrain - Pink
Grosgrain - Beige
Grosgrain - Cream
Grosgrain - Black/White Saddle Stitch

Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA. Grosgrain Band - with Three Grosgrain Rosettes (1 1/2" wide). Change the look of your hat band with a special banding option! This simple band comes with three matching grosgrain rosettes. Available in many different colors of 1 1/2" grosgrain ribbon. This is a sewn band variation for our grosgrain ribbons. There is not a detachable pin. Prices vary.

Color matching is close but not necessarily accurate.

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