Coin Purse & Cosmetic Bag - Spiral Dance Upholstery

Spiral Dance

COIN & COSMETIC - Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA.  This bag shown in Spiral Dance Upholstery Fabric.  Two different  sizes to keep your little goodies together.  Made in our fabulous faux furs and upholstery fabrics to match/complement your purse.  Coin Purses measure 4" tall by 4-6.5" wide while the Cosmetic Bag is 4.5" tall and 6-8.5" wide.  A small tab and  a key ring give you something to easily hang  onto.    A zippered pocket is across the top.  These handbags  are custom made and all sales are final.

Shell - Heavy Weight Upholstery Fabric - Cotton/ Poly/ Acetate
Lining - Poly / Acetate  
Dry clean only, or spot clean with care.

Color matching is close but not exact, dye lots may change throughout the season, please call for swatches if matching.