Small Trim Buttons

Search here for an expansive collection of small buttons.  These Buttons are predominantly shank style.

Small Trim Buttons are shown below for reference use only and are not for individual sale. These buttons are used for assorted trims and items. These are the buttons that are used for any product with "Designer's Choice Assorted Buttons" such as the Edith Hat or Ruched Fingerless Gloves. These are also used for small trims on hats like the Valerie. These Large Decorative Buttons are listed for sale HERE.


B15-O_BRNZ Small Bronze Button

Bronze Button

B15-O_SLV Small Silver Button

Silver Button

B15-G Small Button

Pewter Button B15-G

B15-J Small Button

 Silver Button B15-J

 B15-Y Small Button

Silver Button B15-Y

B15-X Small Bronze Button

Bronze Button B15-X

B16-9BRNZ Small Button

Bronze Button B16-9-BRNZ

Small Deco Button - D

Silver Deco Button D

B15-LLG Small Button

 Bronze Button B15-LLG

B15-MLG Small Button

Pewter Button B15-MLG

Small Button - E

Antique Tin Button E

Small Rhinestone Button - A

Rhinestone Button A

B15-BLUE Small Button

Silver Button B15-BLUE

B15-Cream Small Button

Silver Button B15-CREAM

Small Edelweiss Button Fs
Small Silver Brown Button Fs

Small Pirate Button C
Pirate Button C

Small Button R
Gold Button R
Small Button Q
Silver Button Q

B17-7 Small Silver Glitter Button
Silver 'V'
Button B17-7

Small Floral Button - B

Silver Floral Button B

button b17-2

Spokes Button