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Kaftan - A great coverup to toss over your swimsuit while lounging poolside. Keep that sun in check!

Cloche Hats - Grace Hats are an elegant option to frame your face and decorate with a vibrant trim.

It's a Wrap- Sheer brilliance! A translucent scarf or wrap is nice balance for staying cool & covered.

Men's Scarves - Light & breezy! Handkerchief Scarves are a unique accessory to toss on for quick style.

Ready, Set, Go! - Bold prints make pulling your look together a simple task leaving more time for sunshine!

Mix Or Match? - Spring pieces are a great wardrobe addition to add dimension to a monochrome look.

Cool Coats for your Furry Friends Custom pet coats so you can coordinate with your bestie!

Plush Pillowy Bolster Beds - Do you know a pillow hog? What about a bunny? Pet Beds...NOT .for sharing.

Heavenly Pet Blankets - Favorite color or print? Shop exquisite throws that speak to your pet's soul.

Tissavel Throws - Attention all Kings & Queens! Your home is your castle. So dress it up that way!

Coordinating Pillow Shams Plenty of fabrics, colors, shapes & sizes. Enough to make one hell of a fort!

Soul Comforting Throws - Create the perfect nook for yourself to curl into at the end of a long day.

Ready for Hanky Panky? - An assortment of discounted scarves at prices that will make you swoon.

Tip of the Hat - There's simply too many hats available to remember them all off the top of my head.

Savings for INSIDE Your Purse Save your pennies ANDhave a place to store them! Many style options!

Hat Bands

We offer a wide variety of ribbon & trim colors to dress up your hat. Some of these ribbons are used in creating our own hat trims or for banding a hat.

Whether you are looking at dressing up your hat with a single grosgrain band, a single braided band, or you are trying to layer two together for a splash of contrast, these bands create a polished finish to your hat.

This page is meant to be used as a reference for building and ordering a hat all your own or ordering yardage to add to a favorite at home. If you are interested in a band for an existing hat you don't see, mention what band you would like in your order notes. Please contact us if you are looking for a special band and need assistance.

Grosgrain Hat Bands

7/8" to 1-1/2" Grosgrain Bands Add $5.

Add an extra $2 for Double (Grosgrain) Banding.

Black Grosgrain

BLACK #1 (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Chocolate Grosgrain

CHOCOLATE #2 (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Cream Grosgrain

CREAM #3 (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Beige Grosgrain Band

BEIGE #4 (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Black Saddle Stitch Grosgrain Band


Gray Grosgrain Band

GRAY #9 (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Rain Grosgrain

RAIN #15 (1 1/2" Only)

Cornflower Grosgrain

CORNFLOWER #13 (1 1/2" Only)

Sky Blue Grosgrain

SKY BLUE #14 (1 1/2" Only)

Navy Grosgrain Band

NAVY #7  (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Forest Green Grosgrain Band

FOREST GREEN #16 (1 1/2" Only)

Avocado Grosgrain Band

AVOCADO #11 (1 1/2" Only)

Rust Grosgrain

RUST #6 (1 1/2" Only)

Burgundy Grosgrain

BURGUNDY #5 (1 1/2" & 7/8")

Plum Grosgrain

PLUM #10 (1 1/2")

Dusk Grosgrain Band

DUSK #20 (1 1/2" Only)

Mauve Grosgrain Band

MAUVE #19 (1 1/2" Only)

Pink Grosgrain Band

PINK #17 (1 1/2" Only)


Vegan Crocodile Bands

1 1/4" Faux Croc Bands Add $15






Braided Hat Bands

1" Braided Bands Add $7

Deco Band A-1


Deco Band A-2


Deco Band A-3


Deco Band A-4


Deco Band B-1


Deco Band B-2


Deco Band C-1 Black


Deco Band D-02 Brown


Deco Band D-01 Black



1 1/2" Braided Bands Add $9

Deco Band E-1 Black Gold


Deco Band E-2 Yellow Gold



Make sure to contact us if you have any questions!