The Civvy Face Mask (DONATION) - Assorted Prints

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Mask Donation Matching! THE CIVVY FACE MASK (Assorted Styles), handmade in Seattle, WA, USA, 

For every one (1) retail mask purchased for donation, Pandemonium Millinery will be donating one (1) Face Mask to front-line workers in need of more PPE.

We are offering a Mask Matching Donation opportunity for our retail customers.  When you buy a mask, specifically to donate to a front-line worker/cause of your selection, we will also be donating a mask to the charity of your choice.  If you want to donate ten masks, then we will donate ten masks.  We are all in this together and working to make things a little easier for each other is the best any of us can do.


  • Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is a nonprofit ministry that loves and cares for our homeless neighbors throughout greater Seattle. They address root causes and break the cycle of homelessness by meeting urgent physical needs, building relationships, and offering long-term recovery programs. Our efforts work to restore dignity and help move people to healthy, thriving lives. 
  • New Horizons has a singular priority : meet youth where they are. They start with the basics – food, shelter, clothes, a hot shower – and let youth walk their own pace toward higher level resources like job training, case management, and permanent housing.
  • Purrfect Pals Cat adoption and rehabilitation programs help place homeless cats, including those with special needs, in loving homes. Their ultimate goal is to place them with adopters or long term foster families, but these cats have a loving home in our Arlington sanctuary for as long as they need us. The Purrfect Pals Sanctuary is currently home to 140+ of these special cats.
  • Mary's Place has helped hundreds of women and families move out of homelessness into more stable situations. They provide safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness. Across nine emergency family shelters in King County, they keep struggling families together, inside, and safe when they have no place else to go, providing shelter, services, resources, community, and hope. 


THE CIVVY FACE MASK (Assorted Styles), handmade in Seattle, WA, USA, is a flat, seamed box-style mask, with sides that pop out allowing them to comfortably surround your face. Shown in a variety of unique printed fabrics. These masks are a great fit for wearing all day with soft, elastic ear loops. Each mask includes a small wire inside the top edge, allowing a snug, secure fit around the bridge of your nose. This mask is fully lined with two layers of polypropylene inside and each mask comes individually wrapped. Protective Face Masks should be washed everyday.  These masks are designed to be washed and dried on high heat, killing any germs.  As a result, these masks should be washed BEFORE you wear it, as they are meant to shrink down to a standard size.  One size fitting most. Face Masks can not be returned and all sales are final.

Fabric - 100% Cotton
Lining - 100% Cotton
Inside Filter - 100% Polypropylene (25 gram/light-weight)
Machine Wash & Dry on Medium Heat

Color matching is close but not exact please request a swatch if color matching.

“Civvy Face Masks are supplemental protection to be used as a way to stop touching the face. These ARE NOT medical masks. There is no guarantee of protection against any virus or contagious illness. Face Masks are NOT FDA approved, NOT SURGICAL GRADE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT and were manufactured as supplemental masks for daily use. Mask cover use is at the discretion and risk of the wearer or distributor. Upon delivery and breaking of package seal, Pandemonium Millinery and all associates are waived of all liability for the use of face mask covers.”

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