Joplin Coat, Reversible less pockets – Rosebud Black Faux Fur with Silver Tipped Fox in Black, Cuddly Fur in Black (SOLD OUT)

THE JOPLIN COAT – Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA.  This Joplin Coat is reversible from Luxury Faux Fur in Rosebud Black with Silver Tipped Fox Black trim and tie to Cuddly Faux Fur.  Whether you are trying to go out and be glam and care-free or get all bundled-up this is the perfect compliment to all types of winter wear.  Coats may be reversed as well, excluding pockets, to show a contrasting cuff (adjustable).  Available size in S only.  Prices are as shown.  These coats are custom made and all sales are final.

Fabric – 100% Polyester Faux Fur
Dry-clean only.

Color matching is close but not exact, dye lots may change throughout the season, please call for swatches if matching.

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