Classic Scarf - Burnout Velvet in Red Sea (One Standard Scarf Left!)

Scarf Style

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THE CLASSIC SCARF -  Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA. Shown in Burnout Velvet in Red Sea.  Charming and soft, this light-weight,  Burnout Velvet is a simple, statement piece perfect for dressing up.  This scarf is available as a light, Handkerchief Scarf, a graceful piece to wrap around your shoulders or pull up over your hair.  We also offer this as a Classic Scarf, perfectly simple and regal.  The total length of the Handkerchief Scarf is 88" x 21 " wide.  The total length of the Standard Scarf is 72" x 11" wide.  

Fabric - 100% Polyester
Hand wash cold.  Lay flat to dry.

Color matching is close but not exact please request a swatch if color matching.

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