Cascade Scarf - Two-Tone, Luxury Faux Fur in Black Mamba with Cuddly Fur in Black


CASCADE SCARVES - Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA. Shown in a two-tone combination of Luxury Faux Fur in Black Mamba with Cuddly Fur in Black. The Cascade Scarf, with it's spiral twists, gives you a taste of two Luxury Faux Furs. By folding the scarf at the center back, and looping the ends through, you can create a cluster of ruffles in front. This scarf has a wide collar-look that provides a chic, formal finish to many looks. The center back of this scarf measures 6" wide and tapers to rounded points at the ends.  The drop length of this scarf is 29" from the center back. Our luxury faux fur scarves are available in several different styles.

Fabric - 100% Polyester Faux Fur

Dry cleaning recommended. Hand wash gentle cycle, dry on low heat with high efficiency dryer.

Color matching is close but not exact, dye lots may change throughout the season, please call for swatches if matching.

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