Buckle Scarf - Luxury Faux Fur in Khaki


BUCKLE SCARF  - Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA.   Shown in  Luxury Faux Fur in Khaki, these neck pieces are a great, versatile  piece to snuggle into.   Warm without being cumbersome, wearing one of these will add the perfect touch of color or texture to any outfit you come up with.  The Buckle Scarf rests loosely around the neck, featuring  an Italian buckle closure  made of vegan leather.  This scarf also has a large snap tucked away to  aid with  manipulation for a variety of unique styles.  These scarves measure 8" tall and 28.5" when they are unbuckled and open.

Fabric - 100% Polyester Faux Fur
Dry clean only.  

Color matching is close but not exact, dye lots may change throughout the season, please call for swatches if matching.

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