Euro Scarf - Fiesta Silk Collection

Fiesta in Carnival
Fiesta in Calypso
Fiesta in Masquerade

THE FIESTA SILK EURO SCARF - Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA. Shown in light-weight, brightly hand-painted silks. This scarf is available in Carnival, Calypso, or Masquerade floral prints. These scarves are so colorful and bold, a small piece goes a long way. Wrap a small piece around your neck to make a little black dress stand out. Larger wraps mean more room to play. Our wider scarves can be wrapped around your head or shoulders. The Euro Scarf is great for transitioning from day to night. Laid flat, these scarves measure 21" (small-size) and 44" (large-size) square

Fabric - 100% Silk (hand-painted)
Dry clean (recommended) or hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

Color matching is close but not exact please request a swatch if color matching.


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